Customer Service Excellence


This is a Two Day Workshop.


During this Workshop you will learn about the fundamentals of creating a Lasting Positive Experience for your Primary Customers.

On the completion of this program you will be able to:

  1. Know the importance of excellent customer service
  2. Identify best practice principles regarding Customer Service
  3. Understand the Vision, Mission, Values and Service Mission Statement of your company and how they link to Customer Service
  4. Know who your customers are
  5. Identify the differentiating factors of your company
  6. WOW your customers and capture their emotions / feelings
  7. Have a better understanding what communication is and how to improve your communication with your customers/guests
  8. Identify your working style when interacting with customers and to identify your customer / guest’s working style
  9. Know how perceptions can influence communication
  10. Understand what Active Listening is all about
  11. Know how to listen with empathy
  12. Know what your dominant ego state is when interacting with people
  13. Have a better understanding of how to deal with a difficult / angry customer
  14. Have a better understanding of what the Service Profit Chain is

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