Short Course presented by Learning Performance Link, in conjunction with Orion Business Solutions

Professional Business and Life skills coaching LMC (7)

10, 5 DAY SHORT COURSE, NQF Level 5, ETDP SETA Accredited – Credits: 20,  ACSTH ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), 60 hours – over a period of 6 months

This provides individuals with a thorough grounding and understanding in the fundamentals of business and life skills coaching.

We believe that a person is an integrated human being with patterns of interaction between their internal and external environment. This determines their being in life. We, therefore, focus on both business and life skills coaching training.


General program Vision and Goal:

The concept of coaching refers to a one-on-one intervention, focused on meeting pre-set outcomes. The outcomes are specific, measurable and quantifiable and additionally serve as a measurement to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the coach. Coaching is a professional strategy and roadmap for achieving superior performance in employees, competitors or team players. Amateurs do not develop the likes of Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Mohammed Ali, Penny Haynes or François Pienaar. Even Bill Gates, Alec Ferguson, Neil Armstrong and Madeleine Albright were mentored and/or coached.

Satisfactory or average results are not enough! The desired level of performance is superior or exceptional. In life we are expected to do more than our best – we are expected to win. In the hands of a professional coach an individual learns how to use talent, discretionary time, energy and self-motivation to make a critical difference both in business and in their personal life.

This course enables the learner to become a business and life coach within the framework of the ICF, adhering to the competencies of the ICF.

The course consists of two levels:

Level one: Covers a basic 6-day on-site (face-to-face) course spread over three months, which consists of two-day lectures a month and practical assignments in between.

The theory of level one covers the foundation of coaching, all aspects regarding self- awareness and growth, NLP logical levels, the psychology of coaching, a facilitative coaching process within a 5D Strength-based framework, as well as all the facilitative techniques required within a coaching process.

Issues regarding strategy in companies and marketing you as a coach is also addressed. Delegates also need to embark on practical coaching interventions and receive supervision from an ICF accredited supervisor. Ethical standards are being dealt with by the vice chairperson of COMENSA. Delegates need to complete level one to embark to level two.

Level two: Consists of a three and a half day optimal state workshop. This allows delegates to be taken on a personal journey into the depths of their own humanness. Delegates will be immersed into ontology and gain insight into its function and the powerful implications of it in the future.

The post-workshop the half-day session will unpack the purpose behind each process and how to apply it in a coaching context.

This 10,5-day course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and allow students the opportunity to use pre-approved training hours for an ACC(Associate Certified Coach), PCC(Professional Certified Coach), or MCC (Master Certified Coach)Portfolio application.

Day One: Setting the foundation for Coaching
  • Pre-course Measurement
  • Business Coaching Knowledge – enemies and friends of learning and coaching
  • What is coaching? What is Instruction?
  • Deconstruct the difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Therapy and Consulting?
  • Types of Coaching
  • Benefits of Coaching
  • Current regulatory bodies globally and in South Africa
  • COMENSA Code of Ethics
  • ICF Core Competencies and rating levels
  • Triangular Relationship in Coaching
  • Brief outline: The Process of Coaching – a six session example/ cycle
  • Coaching within the realities of the South African Context
Day Two: Starting with the self: Creating self-awareness in the journey towards becoming an effective coach –  A life coaching process
  • The rules of a Thinking Environment
  • Align yourself as a coach – understanding the transition from SELF to COACH
  • Coach profile and competencies ( coach effectiveness profile)
  • The Process of challenging self-limiting beliefs and bedrock assumptions – the “inner critic”
Day Three: Understanding subconscious processes (the psychology of coaching)
  • The History of Psychology
  • Premises of the 5D Strength-based Coaching Framework
  • Understanding Subconscious Processes
  • Learning Theories
Day Four:  Setting the foundation for facilitative coaching
  • Building Rapport and Trust
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Masterful questioning in Coaching
  • Feedback in Coaching using the AIMA Model
Day Five: The Process of coaching
  • Discovery in the Coaching Relationship
  • Define the current reality – where are you NOW? (data gathering phase)
  • Dream in the Coaching Relationship
  • Design the plan for Coaching (directing attention and action)
  • Destiny (being and becoming)
Day Six: Positioning yourself as a coach – aligned to the company strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Establish and market a Coaching Practise
Day Seven: Assessment
  • Assessment of coaching competencies
  • Role play
  • Real life coaching
  • All students must register by completing an application form for the short course accompanied by a copy of your ID document. Proof of payment should be emailed to Dr S. Perkins (
  • For 2017, the total amount due for this course is R 24,500. A deposit of R 6000 is payable upon registration.  The balance is payable over the next five months and must be paid up before the final examination.  No final examination results will be released until full payment is received.
  • Should the learner decide to withdraw from this course, for any reason whatsoever, the learner will not be entitled to any form of reimbursement in respect of any fees paid. There is a no refund policy which is strictly enforced and no correspondence will be entered into in.  The learner will further be held responsible for full payment of any outstanding course fees that may be due at the time of withdrawal, irrespective of whether the course has been completed or not.
  • Any financial questions can be directed to Dr Sandra Perkins from Orion Business Solutions at (011) 718 6480.
  • Attendance of lectures at Orion Business Solutions: Attendance of ALL lectures is COMPULSORY and is a pre-requisite for entrance to the final examination/ assessment.
  • All assignments must be handed in on set dates and must be completed (portfolio of evidence) for candidates to be able to complete the course. NO LATE assignments will be allowed, and any late assignment will not be marked. 
  • After every day of face-to-face, lecturing, you need to submit a reflective letter to Dr A. C. Gmeiner. This will form part of your portfolio of evidence 
  • Supervision sessions will be scheduled and attendance thereof is compulsory.
  • Professional Business and Life skills coaching training will be delivered in English.
  • Your course coordinators are Dr Antoinette Gmeiner and Dr Sandra Perkins: (011) 718 6480, Gmeiner – 072 028 0355, Perkins – 082 786 2995
  • We make use Guest facilitators from time to time and your main lecturers are Mrs Roché Snyman and Mr Hennie Vorster (both Psychologists and Executive Coaches). The Optimal State Workshop will be facilitated by Gavin Friedman and Riaad Isaacs (both Ontological Coaches).
  • After Successful completion of the course, you will receive your certificate.
  • Coaching philosophy/ model / approach: Coaching is based on the Premises of the 5D STRENGHT BASED COACHING FRAMEWORK…P 111-114…AND DRAW IN CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK.
  •  Lead Instructors of the programme are Dr S Perkins, Dr AC Gmeiner.
  • The program is delivered by mean of Lectures, Face to face contact, group sessions, self-study.
  • Intended participants: Any person wanting to become a business and life coach. 2-3 years business experience required.
  • Requirements: Matric, 2-3 years business/working experience.