Business and Life Coaching


This is a One Year Part Time Programme


Orion Business Solutions in Association with The SOAR Institute, offers a Professional Business and Life Coaching: Ontological Framework course, which is ICF Approved. The ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)™ are 90 hours.

The Professional Business and Life Coaching: Ontological Framework course, is facilitated by Gavin Friedman and Riaad Isaacs, The SOAR Institutes founding directors, who are both coaches, facilitators and teachers that have been in the personal and organisational development arena for the past 14 years. It is offered in conjunction with our Team, Dr Sandra Perkins and Antoinette Gmeiner.

This unique course is designed to be completed as a one-year part time programme, enabling both full time students and full time employee candidates to enrol in the programme. International candidates can also be accommodated via video conferencing facilities. Therefore, anyone feeling called to explore coaching as a supplementary or alternative field of work, or whether your plan is to become a full time Life Coach, this could be the perfect programme for you.

What the course is about:

The Professional Business and Life Coaching: Ontological Framework course is rooted in the foundations of Ontological Coaching, which is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams and organisations.

For anyone who has completed our Discover your Optimal State Workshop (OSW), the processes within that workshop is based on ontological coaching.

What is Ontological Coaching? The way in which we behave and take action is rooted in the way we perceive or observe our surroundings and ourselves. Our perceptions are based on our beliefs, on our physiology; on the conversations we have, on the emotions we experience, and on the organisations and systems we participate in.

Ontological Coaching is founded on a well-grounded methodology and scientific principles. It draws from ancient and modern philosophy, biology, neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and quantum physics. The latest developments in human perception, communication and behaviour are embedded in a professional discipline for professional coaching called “Ontology of the Human Observer”.

What you get out of the Programme?

  • ICF Accreditation (90 training hours to be completed)
  • 11-Module course material notes, handouts and assignments
  • Practical coaching ability – The competency to generate new learnings and actions for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Self-Mastery – The ability to become self-generating, self-correcting and self-sustaining as an individual and to inspire the same in others
  • Individual personal coaching – Access to your own Executive / Supervisor coach for the duration of the course
  • Personal Transformation – Discovering your Optimal State and how to live and coach from this state of Flow.
  • Support – Practical support through access to the broader SOAR coaching community of qualified coaches
  • Introduction to world class personal and organisational diagnostic tools that enhance the ontological approach
  • To qualify as an Ontological Coach endorsed by The SOAR Institute, each candidate needs to:
    • Pass a 3-hour theoretical written exam (minimum 50% pass rate)
    • Conduct and pass a final observed coaching session adjudicated by the Course Facilitators (minimum 50% pass rate)
  • In addition, to qualify with an ICF Accreditation, each candidate needs to complete the ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)™ totalling 90 hours

Who should sign up?

Any individual is eligible to sign up and candidates need not have any particular background or prior training or organisational status to become a coach. The Ontological Coaching Course is designed for:

  • Aspiring coaches
  • Existing coaches
  • Organisational consultants, leaders and managers
  • Professionals operating in highly people-focused environments
  • Individuals interested in substantive personal development

About the Facilitators:

The SOAR Institute’s Gavin Friedman and Riaad Isaacs have been in the personal and organisational development arena for the past 14 years. In 2010 they co-founded The SOAR Institute dedicated to inspiring exceptional in individuals, teams and organisations. They have worked locally and internationally with leaders from Fortune 500 and JSE listed companies to start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses.

Their leadership expertise is derived from their grounding in ontological coaching, axiology (mathematical assessment of human values) and extensive learning and working with international leadership experts and institutions such as MIT and Cambridge.

Their diverse backgrounds and wide range of business experience provide a unique and impactful approach to creating breakthroughs for their clients.

Gavin and Riaad are coaches, facilitators and teachers who produce high impact interventions and assist individuals, teams and organisations in reaching their critical results