Coaching & Mentoring

Orion Business Solutions are specialists in Business & Life Coaching. We offer a number of different Coaching Interventions, as well as Coaching Training for Managers and Executives. This allows companies to develop an integrated coaching culture from within.

Our Coaching Training consists of the following:

Coaching Interventions:

  • Values Roll Out Workshops
  • Development of Company DNA
  • Diagnosing the company DNA – building on core ideology and strategic intent – this enables our business partners to make the right decision on the type of intervention the company needs
  • Strategy Development
  • Individual / Executive performance coaching – aligning competency development of managers and executives to the strategic intent and output of the organisation.
  • Management Team Coaching – Focusing on alignment of the Business Strategy to the goals Line Managers have to achieve
  • Change Management – Merger And Acquisition Coaching
  • Orion Business Solutions also offers a comprehensive integrated business coaching programme, which allows its consultants to understand business comprehensively