A coach cannot take a coachee beyond the level of the coaches’ own competence or depth of understanding. It, therefore, becomes every coach’s prerogative to ensure their own personal development and continual transformation and evolution.

The three-day Optimal State workshop is a launching pad into the practical understanding of Ontology in action. The participant is taken on a personal journey into the depths of their own humanness where they will explore some of the following ontological questions:

  • What is a human being?
  • What is it to be human?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • Why am I here?
  • What’s my purpose?

Through the exploration of these fundamental questions, the participant will be immersed into ontology and gain insight into its function and the powerful implications for the future.

The post-workshop half-day session will unpack the purpose behind each process completed on the workshop and how it is applied in the coaching context.

About the workshop      

Your life is a product of your STATE. When you begin to consciously choose and enhance your state your life will have no choice but to match that state. The workshop will assist you to find your individual optimal state and provide you with the awareness and tools to maintain and enhance this state.

The workshop consists of facilitated processes, interactive exploration, practical games and discourse all designed for you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are, what the current state you operate from is and more importantly, how to begin operating optimally more consistently and sustainably.

Everybody wants to take his or her life to the next level. The next level could mean:

  • More career or financial success
  • Deeper and more harmonious relationships
  • Discovering meaning and purpose for their lives
  • Living life more consciously and creatively
  • Better physical health
  • A happier and more fulfilled existence
  • Releasing a painful past
  • Breaking free of your limitations to reach higher possibilities

Whatever the next level is for you, it must also be clear that you cannot get there on your own or without some assistance, because if you could you would be there already. You may argue with this logic and so remain trapped within your current pattern or state as a result.

However, if you wish to move forward, to elevate your life and play a much bigger game and to develop:

  • Laser-like focus
  • Powerful and aligned intention
  • Success rituals
  • Purpose and meaning
  • Joy as a way of being
  • Success, fulfilment and happiness in all spheres of your life

These are some of the outcomes you could expect from attending the Optimal State Workshop:

  • Enhance your personal and business relationships
  • Create higher levels of certainty, confidence and self-esteem
  • Get Clarity for your future
  • Improve your ability to create the life you really want
  • Create greater levels of success
  • Move your life/career from average to exceptional
  • Increase your effectiveness within teams and groups
  • Learn how to step through what is holding you back and live your greatest life.