One Minute Manager

This program, Building One Minute Management Skills, is designed to assist you in becoming a better manager by helping you increase the productivity and satisfaction of you and your employees.  The Building One Minute Management Skills Program is based on the best-selling book, The One Minute Manager, co-authored by Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D., and Spencer Johnson, M.D., and provides you with the opportunity to practice the three secrets of The One Minute Manager – Goal Setting, Praising, and Reprimands.

More specifically, you will learn how to:

Set effective One Minute Goals

To make sure people are clear about what is expected of them and what good performance look like.

Give One Minute Praise

To catch people doing things right; to give them positive recognition and praise for good performance.

Give One Minute Reprimands

To give constructive feedback to people whose performance is slipping, in a way that enables them to focus on changing their behaviour and improving their performance.

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