Orion Business Solutions was established in 2004 as a result of the Group’s rapid expansion strategy. OBS has since then formalised and standardised its structures, methodologies and procedures in such a manner that will see OBS contributing positively to the overall Group’s vision and targets.

OBS has an inherent competitive advantage as it may leverage the existing client base from the Orion group. It is flexible in the sense that it has at its disposal in-house professionals on a wide range of business management functions such as: Human Capital Management, Labour and Employee Relationship Management, Business and Executive Coaching, Recruitment, Organizational diagnosis and Strategic design.

Through extensive networking and partnering across a wide spectrum of business activities, OBS has developed an impressive portfolio of external and private individuals who are partnering in joint ventures. The synergy and interactive nature of this network of professional expertise is utilised as multiple task teams, headed by a professional and experienced executive.